Get Started

Allie SDK is a Python library that Alation customers and partners can use to increase productivity when interacting with Alation’s REST APIs. Using the Allie SDK library, you can manage and update many Alation resources programmatically. You can use this library to create your own custom applications.


Before installing the Allie SDK, you must have:

  • Python. The Allie SDK supports python versions 3.10+.
  • Git. Git is required to clone the Allie SDK repository.

Install Allie SDK

Download the source code from the Allie SDK GitHub repo. Copy the folder allie_sdk to the root of any Python project. Once copied to the root, import the library:

import allie_sdk as allie

Write your first program

Run the following code to get a list of all the data health rules in an Alation environment.

import allie_sdk as allie

alation = allie.Alation(

# Authentication automatically occurs on Alation init

# Get the data health rules
dq_fields = alation.data_quality.get_data_quality_fields()
for dq_field in dq_fields:
    dq_field: allie.DataQualityField
    print(f'{}\n\tkey: {dq_field.key}\n\tdescription: {dq_field.description}')